These Shining Lives

by Melanie Marnich

May 15 — May 25, 2014
Thursdays through Saturdays at 8pm
Sundays at 2pm
The Cell Theatre (700 1st St. NW 87102)


“It was the job of the century, the job of our dreams.”

For Catherine Donahue and her friends, a job at the Radium Dial Factory in 1920s Chicago was the most liberating, revolutionary experience of their lives. But when these women began to fall ill from the poisonous radium in the watches they painted, they found themselves swept up in a much larger revolution–one that changed American history forever.


Led by the defiant Catherine, these women stared an industrial Goliath in the face, and challenged the notion that human life is capitalism’s greatest natural resource.  These Shining Lives reminds us that true survival not only transcends the physical world, but lives on in the timeless legacy of a handful of brave, determined women who wouldn’t go down without a fight.


Directed by Dr. John Hardy



Amelia Ampuero

Evening Star Barron

Ezra Colón

Katie Becker Colón

Frank Taylor Green

Wendy Scott